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The Group has played a central role in the development of the Southern African economy for more than years. It has done this by constantly aligning its presence in the market place with the evolving needs of the region's economies, and delivering relevant banking and financial services.

  • Africa’s biggest bank is going after the continent’s informal markets?
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  • Africa’s biggest bank is going after the continent’s informal markets.
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The group continued to invest in technology and infrastructure mainly in its African operations as part of a strategy of confining its efforts to building robust operations in selected emerging markets. This investment has contributed to substantial cost growth.

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  8. A strong capital position and healthy liquidity profile has positioned the group to take advantage of business opportunities in its chosen growth markets. The emerging markets focus insulated the group from the initial effects of the financial crisis, which originated in developed economies. The Central Bank of Swaziland, which is the bank of issue within the country's financial structure, was established as the monetary authority in April under the Monetary Authority Order of the same year.

    ARB: Standard Bank may have 'conned' customers with their data plans

    This empowers the bank to monitor, regulate and develop Swaziland's financial infrastructure. The Authority took on the function of a central bank in when the name was changed under the Monetary Authority Amendment Act of and additional powers were granted through amendment to the Acts in and The bank issues the national currency, advises government, manages the country's official reserves and deals in foreign exchange markets, activities which involve both spot trading and dealings in the forward market.

    The commercial banks may manage limited sums of forex, reverting to the Central Bank if necessary. CBS also provides central clearing facilities for the commercial banks. Standard Bank's partnership with Global Fund will see the bank provide financial and management expertise to Global Fund grant recipient countries.

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    The pro bono services will ensure that funds are distributed inside the country in a timely manner as well as assisting with reporting requirements. The two companies also partnered to offer a mobile top-up service, where customers can load airtime from the ATM. Research Research Research activity and project outlines.

    Visiting Research Fellows.

    About IDE. Input-Output Tables Download.

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    Household Data on Microcredit Study in Indonesia. African Page. Manual Report. CSR Report.

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    BOP Report. China in Africa. The deal is a win for Nomanini too, says founder and chief executive Vahid Monadjem. Nomanini has, in turn, served several thousand merchants by working with a dozen distributors across six countries including Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, and Ghana.


    African banks, large and small, are trying to figure out ways help drive up financial inclusion and offer more credit services from micro-credit to loans for small to medium-sized enterprises. Banks, seeing fast-growing availability of financial services via mobile phones across the continent, are looking to small and nimble fintech startups as partners to help them reach a customer base they had traditionally ignored.

    With unique mobile subscribers and million registered mobile money accounts across Sub Saharan Africa, according to the GSMA, financial institutions are also coming to terms with the transformative power of mobile money and its potential as a source of revenue and deposits. Given that, banks and fintech startups have both been trying to permeate the mobile financial services sector and pull some of these customers their way.

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