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Establish the budget from the beginning and assign a value to every part of the test, including the cost of your time. The next step after that will be to select the targets to attack based on what the client wants tested. This video walks you through how to create a lab environment where you can practice your pen testing skills. A black-box pen tester is someone who knows nothing going into the engagement, and a white-box pen tester is more like a company insider who has a certain amount of knowledge before they begin.

Are you whitelisted or blacklisted? Do you know the layers of security controls your client has? How invasive will the test be? Are you an advanced persistent threat with lots of resources? Learn how to use packet crafting to create specific network packets to gather or carry out attacks. Also use packet inspection, fingerprinting, cryptography, and eavesdropping to gather information and determine what traffic is being sent. Many functions of a pen test are only as good as the tools you have available to you.

Sometimes, to go forward, you must go backward.

Learn the resources you can use to dig into web application code and how that information can benefit you when planning your attacks. There is no shortage of known vulnerabilities on any computing devices, but how do you match known vulnerabilities with your target's weaknesses? By applying a structured approach, you can find out if specific vulnerabilities exist on a target.

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Learn about discovery scans, full scans, port scans, stealth scans, and compliance scans. Learn how to map targets to business value so you can focus on what vulnerability will hurt the business the worst. Being fast is normally great, but as a pen tester fast can mean creating a lot of network traffic, unintentionally alerting your target that something is happening.

Use powerful Nmap scripts to map those vulnerabilities to potential exploits.

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There are many pen testing techniques and often they are used together to successfully attack a target. Learn some of the more common attack techniques such as exploit modification, exploit chaining, social engineering, credential brute forcing, and enlightened attacks. This video walks you through the process of a brute force attack. Learn about those systems and how to exploit their vulnerabilities. Social engineering takes advantages of one of the greatest vulnerabilities of a client — the people who work there.

As a pen tester, one of the easiest ways to gain access is by tricking authorized users into giving up sensitive information. Learn about the basics of phishing, including spear phishing, SMS phishing and whaling. Now that you understand what social engineering attacks are, learn how to use Kali Linux to launch a mass email spear phishing attack with a few simple commands. These include elicitation, interrogation, impersonation, shoulder surfing, and USB key drops. This video covers a high-level overview of the various network-based protocols and their vulnerabilities.

Because wireless communication uses broadcast technology, essentially sending your data packets in every direction for anyone to grab, it makes it a great target for attackers.

This video covers injection attacks, which is essentially inserting additional data beyond what the application is expecting to make it give you some information or perform some action for you. As a pen tester, you can get web apps to give you all kinds of information by leveraging mistakes developers make during the development phase. It also covers authorization attacks such as parameter pollution and insecure direct object reference.

Part of that is a general understanding of how applications are coded. When developers write applications, they may use practices that make it easier for them to write code, but also make the application unsecure.

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In this episode, you will learn what some of those common unsecure code practices are. All operating systems have vulnerabilities, but with potentially thousands of vulnerabilities on a local host, how can you find out what they are? Walk through one of the most commonly used vulnerability databases called the CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.

This database will show you vulnerabilities for each operating system that you can use to attack your particular target. In order to access systems and files in Linux, you need privileges. Windows OS also has issue of privilege escalation. There are a few other Windows OS vulnerabilities you can exploit to gain higher levels of privileges.

Yet another way to gain access is to escape sandbox environments such as VMs and containers. Physical security, on the other hand, involves gaining access to the actual physical location and the data within it by tailgating, fence jumping, dumpster diving, lock picking, or bypassing locks. Now what? There are a number of OS features that can make lateral movement possible, including many remote access protocols. Learn about these features, and see two of them demonstrated: Telnet and SSH.

This is what it means to be persistent as a pen tester. It is a network mapper with numerous options. Learn how to detect the operating system of a machine, conduct stealthy scans, determine the service and version information, enumerate targets, and output the scan results into several different file formats. This episode will also help explain bind shells and reverse shells and demonstrate how to set up each of them. Our world is becoming more mobile.

Pen testing can be mundane and tedious work, which can cause people to lose track and make mistakes. Scripting helps document the process while automating the workflow and cutting down on errors. Once you know how to do basic scripting, the production process will become faster and more reliable. Like Ruby, Python is high-level, multipurpose language. You also have a number of contractors working on the project.

Being an experienced manager you know that communication is key to success of the project.

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You have identified 10 stakeholders with whom you need to communicate. Due to some internal and external organizational changes at the client's end, three new stakeholders have been added with whom you need to communicate. You also had to reduce one of the contractors with whom you were communicating. How many communication channels do you have now? You are in charge of a project, and to ensure things go well, you have had monthly meetings with the stakeholders.

The project is running on schedule and budget.

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You are in your fourth month of execution, but the stakeholder indicates dissatisfaction with the deliverables. Making changes in the deliverables would mean a delay in the schedule. What would have been the most important process that could have prevented this situation? Scope Planning.

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Scope Control. Schedule Control. Risk Monitoring and Control. The project that you are in charge has been successfully completed.

Coupon code for solomon exam prep
Coupon code for solomon exam prep
Coupon code for solomon exam prep
Coupon code for solomon exam prep
Coupon code for solomon exam prep
Coupon code for solomon exam prep
Coupon code for solomon exam prep
Coupon code for solomon exam prep
Coupon code for solomon exam prep

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