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Signing up today is for future emails on future deals that may warrant special attention. CODES 5 days ago pumpkin bottle topper with brass weld detail. CODES 2 days ago From storage units designed within an art form, like the recycled pallet wine rack, to the recycled iron shovel bird feeder, each unique purchase will give its owner a sense of appreciation for art, nature, and the planet. At West End, the pieces available to decorate, enhance, and personalize the home, are unique in its complex simplicity.

Power air fryer oven promo code. Chumba casino promotion links. Itarget discount code. So has AWE with the loan and business advising they have provided us. They have been very supportive. When asked what advice the partners would share with anyone looking to open their own business, both agreed: "Do what you like and what you're passionate about. If you're doing something just for the money, the chances of it lasting long-term are slim.

Do you export into new markets or expand your reach? For many business owners, starting and sustaining a business does not come naturally. There are skills individuals need to run a successful business. These skill sets range from financial literacy and financial management to employment standard requirements.

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This blog is an addition to our Learning Day Finding Solutions series where we summarize some of the solutions that were brainstormed by other business owners regarding issues they are facing. In this edition, we are focusing on the strategy and operations side of business. Challenge: How do I plan and maintain ideal inventory levels that provide healthy cash flow for overhead, payroll, accounts payable, loans and capital growth?

Externally viewed by the customers, inventory must be trendy, fresh and seasonal. It can be difficult to plan your inventory months in advance, particularly when trends are changing so rapidly. However, there are ways to make sure that you can achieve a healthy balance between inventory and demand. One initiative you can take on throughout your fiscal year is always doing research.

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Measure your marketing and sales activities so that you have an idea of when you are in a busy or off-season phase. By gathering this data, you can plan ahead and ensure you have more on-hand inventory when you experience high sales activity. In some cases, it can actually be good for your business to keep a limited supply as this can increase the demand for your product and encourage pre-orders. If you sell out, you can order more and provide discounts or other incentives to your customers for their patience.

This is also beneficial to your cash flow because keeping an excess of inventory can tie up valuable cash that could be spent elsewhere. While this is different for all businesses, it is important to find a balance that works for your company. Challenge: How do I scale a service to export into new markets? For fast-growing businesses, exporting into new markets is often the next step. This can be intimidating and difficult, but there are ways to help ease the stress associated with scaling.

A great way to make connections both in your home country and abroad is to attend a trade mission. Many trade missions will also give you the opportunity to attend special sessions and receive personalized support for your businesses. There are also a variety of resources available to small business owners that help with scaling, such as the Trade Accelerator Program offered by Enterprise Edmonton. Financing can be difficult, but there are institutions that can lend you enough to meet your needs.

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Internally, a few steps you can take to prepare your business for expansion are increasing your operational capacity, learning about the culture in your new market, and networking. Expanding your business requires more staff and resources; make sure that you are able to grow your business to accommodate for this change.

Furthermore, different markets will have their own cultural values and you may need to shift your marketing strategy to address these. Finally, build your network. The more connections you have the easier your transition will be. In general, seeking our entrepreneurial training workshops is always a good idea. Studies have shown that those women who have participated in workshops or support meetings reported greater improvement and access to financing October Report for WeSK by PwC. Aside from those, there are also a number of free or affordable resources provided for women in rural and urban settings.

Business Development Canada. Startup Edmonton.

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Startup Calgary. ATB Entrepreneur Centre. Community Futures Alberta. Chambers of Commerce. Still, digital marketing from a business perspective can feel intimidating and confusing. By no means do you have to be a pro, but there are some best practices we recommend following to effectively market your business online while pursuing a digital marketing strategy. Here are some bad habits we recommend avoiding:.

The famous Live Nation example demonstrates this well. When some of the staging collapsed at a Radiohead concert 7 years ago, with one person dead and three others hurt, an auto-scheduled tweet from Live Nation went out half an hour after they had announced the show had been cancelled:. This tweet remained up for 45 minutes before someone took it down. The goal of social media conversations is to interact with your audience in a genuine way. This also corresponds with remembering to stay engaged on your business profiles, including liking and replying to comments, direct messages, and interacting with other accounts.

These practices reflect well on your social media platforms, and help to grow your channels too!

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  8. For example, searching yegrestaurants on Instagram will return content that people have posted and tagged to contribute to the Edmonton restaurant community. Try to avoid the following faux pas: hashtagsthatarelongandconfusing: If the object of hashtags is to group content, it must be searchable and concise in order for people to use them, and use them correctly. Keep them short and sweet notdoingyourresearch: This is twofold. Firstly, look up your hashtags beforehand to get an idea of their context and popularity. The sweet spot for a hashtag is specific enough to generate good activity for a wide audience, and not overly vague that it ends up being a black hole of content e.

    It might be tempting to use a multitude of popular hashtags to display your posts in as many areas as possible, but this makes your social campaigns feel more like spam than a contribution to the conversation. Feel free to use multiple hashtags, just ensure they align with the communities in which your business is actually a part of.

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    Defined target markets delve into the idea of demographics and psychographics getting narrower and narrower. The more specific your market, the more relevant your content, the easier you can convert. Digital marketing is used to serve your customers at all stages of their journey: build awareness and recognition of your brand, engage and nurture relationships with your potential clients, and create more touch-points to interact with current customers and improve their experience.

    In order to build relationships, think niche and connect with your minimum viable audience such that through your community you gain cheap and insightful methods to better understand your customer: talk with them, observe them, and analyze data.

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