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How to choose an EE SIM-only plan

SIM only plans can be a great and affordable option for some users.

What is a Sim only deal?

Finding a plan should be pretty easy, and aside from a couple of concerns like SIM card size, there is no difference between SIM only shopping and contract phone shopping. You might find that SIM only plans save you cash, and that's pretty important these days. Yes, most SIM only deals will require you to pass a credit check. You can check out some no credit check SIM-only deals right here. SIM-only deals are great if you already have a handset you love and don't want to change it.

Or perhaps you have snagged a bargain on eBay for a handset outright and needed a SIM card for it. SIM only plans are also perfect for customers who have bad credit and want to rebuild their credit rating.

Compare EE SIM only deals

This is because there is no phone included and this reduces the risk for the phone retailer or network provider. If you take out a SIM only deal and make repayments on time, you begin to rebuild your credit rating. This makes getting a phone contract much easier later down the line. Many of our customers choose a SIM only deal when they have several phones for different purposes. If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors or work on a building site then a SIM only deal means you can keep an inexpensive handset for when you're out and about.

Rather than risk having your iPhone getting covered in dust or dropped down a cliff you can just take a cheaper model out with you. In most cases, yes, a SIM only deal combined with a handset bought outright will come in cheaper than a contract. However, this isn't always the case especially on smartph0nes that are a year or two old or less desirable than the latest flagships from Apple and Samsung. Our SIM Only vs.

Add SIM Free Handset?

Contract calculator will quickly work out which is cheaper over 12, 24 or even 36 months. The difference between PAYG and SIM only is that a sim only contract includes an allowance for calls, texts and data which you'll be billed for every 30 days. However, most pay as you go sim offerings now come with bundles, where you can prepay for a set amount of data, texts and minutes which lasts you 30 days these are known as prepaid sim only or rolling day sim only contracts.

When you take out a contract, the phone isn't free. The cost of the handset is factored into your monthly bill. So the reason you'd buy a SIM free phone is a financial one. In most cases buying a sim free handset outright and pairing it with a SIM only deal will work out cheaper than a traditional phone contract.

There are of course exceptions to the rule but make sure you run the numbers to see which works out cheaper over the course of 24 months. There are three sizes of SIM card available for mobile phones these days, though the largest of these are being phased out and won't be used on a newer phone model. Which size of SIM you need depends on the phone you have. Looking in your phone's user manual or checking online with the manufacturer's website will tell you which size you need.

There are two pieces of good news though. You just press out the card size that you need. Should your operator not provide you with one of these you can contact them to get a free replacement SIM in the size that you need. That really depends on you. A day contract is great if you don't like commitment since you can cancel or change your plan at any time. Plus, in some cases, you won't need to undergo a credit check.

Compare EE SIM only deals

However, month contracts tend to be slightly cheaper, so if you can commit it could be worth signing up for a longer period. You will find that whilst some operators offer both kinds of contracts, others only offer one or the other, so depending on your preferred network you might be forced into a contract length. The standard prices of mobile operators tend to be very similar, however, many offer special deals which change all the time. This means that it's impossible to say that one operator or another will give you the best deals. If you want to find the cheapest deal that fits your needs your best bet will be to use our comparison tool that allows you to see which operators offer the kind of plans you need for the budget you had in mind.

We update it daily so the latest offers are always available. Sign up! Seriously though, there are a couple of considerations. Firstly, be sure that this is the deal you want, a phone contract can last a long time and the penalties for breaking a contract can be expensive. Thirdly, make sure you're actually eligible for the deal.

Will you pass a credit check if one is necessary? Do you still have an open contract with another operator? If you're currently on a pay monthly contract, then you might have more of a problem. If your pay monthly contract comes with a phone you'll need to ensure that the phone is paid off or be prepared to pay off the phone in a lump sum before upgrading.

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If the term of your pay monthly contract has not yet ended you may have to pay a penalty before being allowed to change to a pay monthly SIM only deal. You can find out this information by checking your account with your current operator online, or by calling customer service for your operator. Most operators offer special SIM only deals just for tablets that contain a healthy monthly data limit.

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To take advantage of this just make sure that your tablet will accept a SIM card and runs 3G i. A tablet SIM only deal works in the same way as your mobile deal does. You get a SIM card, a monthly data limit, and a monthly bill.

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  • All you need to do is plug that SIM in and go. Technically you could probably use a regular mobile SIM only deal for your tablet, but this isn't advisable. A mobile SIM only deal includes not only a data limit but also calling minutes and text limit, neither of which you'll need on a tablet. There's no point in paying for services that you're not going to use. People do get understandably worried about using lesser known operators, but in general, you shouldn't be concerned.

    Smaller networks known as MVNOs don't have their own infrastructure to provide service. Instead, they rent infrastructure from one of the large networks. This means that if you sign up for Sky Mobile you'll get the same coverage and standard of service as you would from O2. Smaller networks are often cheaper than larger ones since they didn't need to spend money building infrastructure , whilst providing the same standard of service. However, smaller networks do have their own customer service centres, and their own deals for phone models, which may or may not be as good as with a larger operator.

    As long as your current contract with your operator is at an end or within the grace period that allows you to change the contract this should be no problem at all. You should call your operator to ensure that you're allowed to change to a SIM only deal, and once you are, go ahead and change.

    Depending on your operator there may be a period where you're still on your old contract, and you may or may not get two bills in the first month one for you old contract, one for your new. Again, it's best to check on this with customer service first.

    SIM Only Deals UK | Compare Pay Monthly SIM Only Deals | Hoppy

    Once you've done that you'll need to cancel your old contract and sign up for your new one. In general, it's best to sign up for the new deal first to ensure that there aren't any problems with cancelling your old contract. Call your old operator and ask how their contract cancellation process works and how long it takes before deciding whether to cancel first or not. The company is required to give you this information when requested, though it may take several days to arrive by email or mail.

    When you have your PAC, go to your new operator and sign up for a contract, requesting that you keep your old number. If you're signing up online there should be a step that asks you if you want to do this. You'll need to give your PAC to your new operator, and that's it, the operator will do the rest. If you no longer need an old SIM card, you can throw it away. However, since a SIM card does contain data about you, it's best to destroy it first.

    Take out the SIM card from your phone and use scissors to cut it into pieces. Make sure that you cut across the small bronze square at least once since this is the chip that contains your info. Once you've cut it up, you can safely throw the pieces of your old SIM away. All plans include unlimited calling minutes and texts. BT Mobile also offers SIM only family plans that give savings for multiple SIM cards on one account and the convenience of just one bill for all your family phones.

    EE has a variety of SIM only contract options, including day contracts, all of which offer fast 4G mobile data. The operator has some of the highest mobile data limits around, making them a good choice if you're a big mobile internet user. All plans have unlimited texts, and most have unlimited calling minutes too.

    Pros and Cons: SIM Only Plans

    EE also gives you 6 months access to Apple Music on sign up, and has data caps to prevent you accidentally going over your mobile data allowance. Freedompop is an unusual operator since they don't actually use a mobile operator network. Instead, all calling and texting uses WiFi.

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